Simultaneous interpretation

A team consisting of most frequently 2 interpreters works in a sound-proof interpreter’s booth and transfers every spoken word in the room into another language in real time. Now the audience has no problem to follow the content via headset in their mother tongue. If needed, you can have a multi-lingual conference transferred into all the languages needed without a loss of understanding.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is mostly used for receptions, dinner speeches, festive occasions and addresses. The speaker gives part of his speech with the interpreter standing or sitting next to him taking notes with an individualized note-taking technique. After a few minutes the speaker pauses in his presentation to give the interpreter the opportunity to put everything that has been said so far into another language. After that, the speaker picks up his speech again and continues with the next part.

Whispering interpretation/Chuchotage

There are two types of whispering interpretation:

  • The first one lets the audience listen to the interpretation via headsets. Similar to simultaneous interpretation the interpreter renders a real-time interpretation of the spoken words. The difference is that the interpreter is not separated from the audience by an interpreter’s booth. This type of whispering interpretation is frequently used for plant visits when words are spoken while moving or where due to limited space no interpreter’s booth can be set up.
  • The second type of whispering interpretation can be used when only one or two foreign participants are among the audience of an event. The interpreter sits behind these attendees and “whispers” into their ears in real time and in their mother tongue.